WebWorks Help and Google Indexing

Some suggestions on how to get Google to index your WebWorks Help content.


Google's indexer (and for a good reason) does not process javascript events when it crawls your web content. In addition, because you don't have explicit control of when your content is indexed and the results are noticeable, it is often difficult to diagnose why your WebWorks Help content is not being indexed. For this reason, and because as of the ePublisher 2009.3 release, there is no built-in support for generating a Google site map or equivalent to assist in this process, I have created this page.

Solution Notes

  1. Keep in mind that there is a lag time between when you page is indexed and when the search results show up. Not sure what this time is, but the next day after I performed a index request through the Google Site Search Control Panel I did finally see my expected results.

  2. You only get to submit one set of files to request indexing per day for each Custom Search Site that you create. So think it through before you start making submissions.

  3. You will have to build the list of URLs to your WebWorks Help content manually or through your own custom code/override (check back though, as I will post when a override and/or supported solution becomes available).

  4. Specifying the proper URL to submit.
    • Don't use white spaces in your URL string, instead use %20. For example:

      • http://www.webworks.com/Products/ePublisher_Output_Formats/WWHelp/ePublisher_Express_Help/01.Welcome%20to%20ePublisher/WelcomeHelp.htm
    • The URL must be to the actual content file and cannot rely upon the javascript API or URL parameters to load the proper content. For example, these URLs will not work:
      • http://www.webworks.com/Products/ePublisher_Output_Formats/WWHelp/ePublisher_Express_Help/index.html#href=01.Welcome%20to%20ePublisher/WelcomeHelp.htm


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