Release Notes

Release 9.3 Release Notes




 * Out of Memory issues addressed
 * PDF link rewriting enabled for per file, per group PDFs


 * Improved PDF generation by stopping pdfmark collisions


 * Missing by-reference images now treated as imported images if possible


 * Integration of DITA-OT 1.2.2 along with all supporting tools, except JDK


* All

* Dynamic HTML

* Microsoft HTML Help 1.x

* Simple HTML

* Oracle Help

* WebWorks Help 5.0

  * Improved Popup sizing
  * Bookmarks can be created via traditional browser methods
  * Bookmark functionality on Internet Explorer 7 works when viewed
    over an authorized protocal such as HTTP.
* WinHelp




  WWAM604   Error occurs immediately after an ePublisher AutoMap job finishes running that causes ePublisher AutoMap to close

  WWEP1781  Equations in Frame docs are coming out as either white boxes or equation is truncated in output
  WWEP2138  "Various index marker issues - character format, sort order, multiple entries, special characters"
  WWEP2178  Multiple paragraphs in a table title are output as a single line
  WWEP2197  Filename markers in images result in filename markers for HTML files being ignored
  WWEP2207  PDF output the bookmarks do not get created correctly.
  WWEP2236  Nested Conditions in Tables are not working.
  WWEP2302  During the PDF generation if in FM you have 'generate tagged PDF' tag checked you get the following error :  ERROR: rangecheck OFFENDING COMMAND: pdfmark
  WWEP2306  Generate aborts with System.OutOfMemoryException error
  WWEP2348  WebWorks Transit ( does not get installed
  WWEP2356  Links between documents in different books are not resolved in PDF output
  WWEP2357  External Cross-references aren't resolved correctly in PDF generated by top-level group
  WWEP2358  "Empty TOC entries added despire ""Ignore empty paragraphs"" option being set"
  WWEP2370  All variables are omitted from the output in structured FrameMaker document (attached test case).
  WWEP2372  Project with Structured FrameMaker file (DITA app pack 2) has cross-references that don't work correctly
  WWEP2376  WWHelp 5 fails to load on Safari
  WWEP2377  Popups are not resized correctly -- Height does not change according to content
  WWEP2379  "Variables are not showing up on TOC and Index pages for Dynamic, Simple HTML"
  WWEP2381  "Remove = ""WWHFrame"" from files to allow for better window reuse in WWH API"
  WWEP2401  "Baggage files in one group are deleted when you ""Generate Selected"" for another group."
  WWEP2405  In DITA adapter in order to change the styles name you need to create a new config file or simply override the existing default.wwconfig file.
  WWEP2408  Unable to override system variables through Variables dialog
  WWEP2409  "In Structured FrameMaker, character encoding does not get reset to default file encoding when no character style is applied."
  WWEP2410  En dash is converted to OE ligature in PDF bookmarks
  WWEP2417  Bookmark button gives JavaScript error message and fail to work in IE7.
  WWEP2418  "Error ""Module C:\Program Files\Common Files\WebWorks\WWHelp4v2.dll failed to register"" occurs during installation"
  WWEP2419  "Depending on order of installation (of multiple ePublisher platform prodcuts), same license keys are recongized for each product."
  WWEP2421  "Add the ""#"" (hash) delimiter for URL arguments"
  WWEP2425  Incorrect DOCTYPE written for certain XML files
  WWEP2427  If the Source document have styles with dot (.) for example: osman.test any changes to this paragraph styles in ePublisher Pro is not honored in the output. 
  WWEP2430  We are not using the correct encoding for the TOC on MS HTML Help. This results on either garbled TOC or garbled content depending on the environment you are on
  WWEP2431  "When a paragraph style appears within a document but does not exist in the paragraph catalog, the paragraph style should default to the previous paragraph style/override information."
  WWEP2432  .fmwif file name should be changed to .fmwif.tmp during duplicate and apply settings process stage
  WWEP2433  FrameMaker application should open and close during initial generation and remain closed during subsequent generations
  WWEP2434  "Add a ""Tutorial"" help menu item"
  WWEP2435  Remove UI support for creating Pro projects from stationery (regular or standalone) from Pro
  WWEP2436  Remove UI support for scheduling Pro projects or creating jobs from Pro stationery from AutoMap
  WWEP2437  Require Express pre-req for AutoMap and Pro installers
  WWEP2438  Install/Uninstall should open a link on our website
  WWEP2440  <$nopage> index markers not emitted as hyperlinks in Index
  WWEP2446  Links in Structured FrameMaker documents do not resolve correctly when alternate Unique IDs are used
  WWEP2447  "First file name generated from a document should use the document base name and no "".3.1"" numbering"
  WWEP2449  "Suppress copying of version control files (CVS, .svn, etc.)"
  WWEP2450  Word TOC does not display properly in ePublisher generated PDFs
  WWEP2452  Missing by-reference images that are included in the Word document should be preserved.
  WWEP2454  Disable image watermarking for temporary keys
  WWEP2455  List styles treated as tables should always be wrapped with <div> tags
  WWEP2456  Simplify Transit menu
  WWEP2458  Change icons in New ePublisher AutoMap Job dialog box to reflect Express project and stationery
  WWEP2459  Add support for additional CSS classes
  WWEP2460  "Microsoft Reader CSS reports errors when style=""sadf;"" attribute ends with ';'"
  WWEP2461  Copy selected preference files from previous versions
  WWEP2462  Unable to generate output for DITA source documents
  WWEP2463  mslitgen.exe fails to run (missing litgen.dll)
  WWEP2464  Project format.wwfmt override files not being used
  WWEP2465  Aliases are not appended to TblTitleContent/Para element
  WWEP2466  "ePublisher Express application window title bar should be set to ""WebWorks ePublisher Express"""
  WWEP2468  Implement WWHelp Dynamic Merge Markers
  WWEP2469  Eliminate duplicate variables at the document level to improve performance
  WWEP2471  Scanning operation fails when using DITA Adapter
  WWEP2472  9.3 installer prereqs to handle 9.2.2 EA DITA installers
  WWEP2473  Detecting HTML Help
  WWEP2474  DITA adapter lacks support for <imagemap> elements
  WWEP2475  "Transit menu is missing text entries for ""Go to FileName marker"" and ""Go to TopicAlias marker"""
  WWEP2477  "When using DITA Adapter, System.NullReferenceException occurs when preview is generated after a Style property has been modified in the Style Designer"
  WWEP2479  DITA Adapter - WinHelp output displays incorrect locale
  WWEP2480  DITA Adapter - Clicking on any entry in a report produces an error
  WWEP2482  """Default"" style name not created for Page styles when a .ditmap file gets scanned"
  WWEP2483  Migration of local app settings should not occur if 9.3 settings are already present
  WWEP2489  Express project sync fails if stationery.manifest file is missing or empty
  WWEP2490  "Express project sync fails, throws UI exceptions, etc."
  WWEP2491  Add deploy folder option to AutoMap command line
  WWEP2498  Log warnings when Java Development Kit is not available
  WWEP2499  DITA lacks support for previewing images
  WWEP2500  Tool adapter extension mappings cannot be changed arbitrarily
  WWEP2502  Implement assembly Uri mapper for script blocks
  WWEP2504  Always emit table summary attributes
  WWEP2505  Several bugs remain in WhatIsThis functionality
  WWEP2507  Multiple browser windows opened at the end of installation
  WWEP2509  Fix various HTML validation issues


:) :)) :( ;) :\ |) X-( B) Markup
WWEP2376 was fixed for the 9.3 release. Specifics on the defect indicate that an earlier change to improve WWHelp 5 load times (using about:blank instead of an actual blank.html file) broken the rules of JavaScript security model (one cannot touch about: from file: or about: from http:, etc.).

Defect notes:

  • Original fix date : May 16, 2007 Regression test data: Sep 4, 2007 Result : Failed Secondary fix date : Sep 4, 2007 Regression test data: Sep 5, 2007 Result : Success Notes : Verified in build 20109, OS X Tiger, Safari 2.0.4(419.3)
Posted by BenAllums at 2007-09-18 11:51:07

WWEP2376 WWHelp 5 fails to load on Safari <---Is this really fixed this time?

Posted by office-ip-73 at 2007-09-18 08:30:24 X

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