Workflow Migration Procedure

User who currently use Pro projects for production work are strongly encouraged to move to Express projects for this purpose. Express projects can share common configurations stored in Stationery files and enjoy the benefits of centralized management.

Migration of Production Projects from Pro to Express

This procedure applies to ePublisher versions 9.2 and 9.3. It is the recommended path for users who generate and deploy output using multiple copies of ePublisher Pro (or AutoMap jobs based on Pro projects) only. It includes a switch to the recommended workflow--using a single ePublisher Pro Master Project for designing stationery and any number of ePublisher Express or AutoMap publication projects for generating output.

  1. Designate one of the existing production Pro projects to act as the Master project, a project used only to manage your deployed Stationery(s).
  2. Use the "Save As Standalone Stationery" functionality of ePublisher Pro 9.2 to capture the styles and settings of the Master Project.
  3. Convert all other ePublisher Pro projects (additional copies of the original project used for generating output) to Express projects:

    1. Rename the extension of existing Pro projects from .wep to .wrp.
    2. Open the new .wrp files in ePublisher Express.
    3. Synchronize these Express projects with the new stationery created in step #2.
    4. Save and close.
  4. Update existing AutoMap jobs.

    1. Update scheduled Pro projects to point at the new Express projects.
    2. Update scheduled jobs to use Express stationery rather than Pro stationery.

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