Upgrade Scenarios

There are many good reasons to upgrade to ePublisher 9.3, but it is important to follow some simple guidelines to ensure that your existing projects are migrated quickly and easily to the new platform. The examples below represent the most common scenarios for an ePublisher project or a team of ePublisher users. Find the one that best matches your situation, and follow the appropriate steps to upgrade your projects to the newest (and best) ePublisher yet.

Use Cases

Case 1: Production using Express Projects and Stationery

Applies to:

ePublisher 9.2.2 users of Pro, AutoMap, and Express. A Master Project and Standalone Stationery have been created with ePublisher Pro 9.2. Production output is generating from that stationery with ePublisher Express and/or AutoMap.

Short Version:

Users are set for an easy transition to 9.3

Long Version:

This group of users can immediately upgrade their Express and AutoMap installs to 9.3. They can continue to use 9.2 stationery during this process. When convenient, the ePublisher Pro install can be upgraded and the corresponding Master Project updated. Users may then seamlessly redeploy stationery to 9.3 versions.

The steps are:

  1. Upgrade Express and AutoMap installs to 9.3.
  2. Follow instructions for Migration of Pro Projects to 9.3.
  3. Distribute updated 9.3 stationery and deploy output.

Case 2: Production using Pro Projects and Stationery

Applies to:

ePublisher 9.x users of Pro and AutoMap. Multiple ePublisher Pro projects are maintained and used independently for designing and generating output. Any AutoMap jobs are based on ePublisher Pro projects rather than Standalone Stationery. These users likely used Publisher 2003 in the past, and they use Pro in the same way. They have not switched their production projects to Express projects.

Short Version:

Users are going to do some work to get to 9.3.

Long Version:

This isn't the most convenient scenario for upgrading to ePublisher 9.3, but the move is still possible and highly recommended. Users who fit into this group have two choices:

  1. NOT RECOMMENDED: Follow the Migration of Pro Projects to 9.3 steps outlined below for all production ePublisher Pro projects.

    This can be a painful, time consuming task that is best limited to Master projects. If there are just a few ePublisher Pro projects used for generating output, it won't be so bad, but it is no simple task to review and upgrade many projects that were created independently or based on a "Standard" stationery. The difficulty is also related to the number of Target or Format overrides (if any).

  2. RECOMMENDED: Convert existing production ePublisher Pro projects to Express projects. Follow the steps outlined under Migration of Production Projects from Pro to Express prior to upgrading to 9.3.

    Next, following instructions under Case 1: Production using Express Projects and Stationery.


Migration of Pro Projects to 9.3

The following steps provide experienced ePublisher users with a clear upgrade path. Specifically, this applies to ePublisher Pro Master projects with custom overrides of version 9.x installation files (XSL, XML, Page.asp, etc.). The complexity of this procedure is related to the total number of project overrides, along with the nature and number of changes (if any) to the overridden files in ePublisher Pro 9.3. That is, if you didn't make many changes, and we didn't make any changes, then your job will be easier.

NOTE: These steps should be performed prior to upgrading to 9.3.

  1. Collect all version specific files in one location.

    1. Locate and copy the installed Formats folder to a safe location with the current version number noted:

      copy "C:\Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Formats" to "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Desktop\ePublisher Pro 9.2.2\Formats"
    2. Duplicate all Master projects (.wep), and save copies in the same version folder:

      copy "Z:\My Documents\ePublisher Pro Projects" to "C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Desktop\ePublisher Pro 9.2.2\My Projects"
  2. Uninstall all ePublisher products.
  3. Install new ePublisher products.
  4. If you have project overrides, perform a three-way merge using your existing Master project override files, the original 9.2.2 Format files, and the new 9.3 Format files. The idea is to upgrade your overrides by applying similar changes (where appropriate) to the newest versions of those files, and to save the resultant merged file with your new Master project for use with 9.3.

    Possible tools for this operation are:

  5. Once your overrides have been replicated on copies of the version 9.3 Format files, test your output to ensure you are getting the expected results. If issues crop up, compare pre-existing 9.2.2 overrides (from the backup folder created in Step 1) to the new overrides you just created for 9.3.

Migration of Production Projects from Pro to Express

This procedure applies to ePublisher versions 9.2 and 9.3. It is the recommended path for users who generate and deploy output using multiple copies of ePublisher Pro (or AutoMap jobs based on Pro projects) only. It includes a switch to the recommended workflow--using a single ePublisher Pro Master Project for designing stationery and any number of ePublisher Express or AutoMap publication projects for generating output.

  1. Designate one of the existing production Pro projects to act as the Master project.
  2. Use the "Save As Standalone Stationery" functionality of ePublisher Pro 9.2 to capture the styles and settings of the Master Project.
  3. Convert all other ePublisher Pro projects (additional copies of the original project used for generating output) to Express projects:

    1. Rename the extension of existing Pro projects from .wep to .wrp.
    2. Open the new .wrp files in ePublisher Express.
    3. Synchronize these Express projects with the new stationery created in step #2.
    4. Save and close.
  4. Update existing AutoMap jobs.

    1. Update scheduled Pro projects to point at the new Express projects.
    2. Update scheduled jobs to use Express stationery rather than Pro stationery.

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