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I would like to add a copyright notice to the page footer of all my Reverb output pages. Can this be done by adding code to the Page.asp and/or skin.css files in my Format Customizations? Could I set this in an unused option in the Company Information in the Target Settings, such as Company phone number, and then have that value only show in the footer and not at the tops of the pages with my company logo and name values?



Both ideas that you suggest are viable. For total flexibility, use the Advance menu to create a Target Customization on your Page.asp file. Once you have created it, change the markup as needed. Only additional step is to close and reopen the project so that ePublisher picks up the change.

Your other suggestion of using an unused field in the Company Info area under the Target Settings menu also works. It is up to you how you would like to use those fields.


Is there markup I could add to Page.asp to use the value in the Target Settings > Company Info field? For example, if I put the copyright info in the Company phone number field, what markup can I add to Page.asp to automatically put this text in page footers for all of our HTML output?

The goal is to make it easy for the rest of the team to edit the copyright information in their Target Settings without having to code the markup.


This is what I have in my Page.asp file. It's not exactly what you're asking for. It doesn't take advantage of any ePublisher GUI fields, but it works. Given that Copyright information should be fairly stable, this works for me. Since you're asking to use the "Company Info" field, I'd say to simply take the next step and create a customized field in the UI. Call it "Copyright" or something. I have a couple of customizations like that (one is to put a date in the footer of a PDF -- Jesse helped me do that in Study Hall). I think that would be a cleaner solution than repurposing an existing ePubisher field.

Anyway, this gets me copyright info into my Reverb footer. It is directly above the <br/> entry just above </footer>. There is a corresponding cr_copyright entry in my skin.css file.

     <div id="cr_copyright">
            Copyright 2013
            <a href="/copyright.php">Company Name</a> All Rights Reserved.


Thanks! I went with adding the markup to skin.css and page.asp to simply put the copyright at the bottom of the pages. That won't be a difficult override to maintain, since we'll only have to do it once a year.

The team's idea was to be able to include copyright information for third parties involved in the footer as well, but we decided that would be too much information in some cases.

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