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I would like to try using position: fixed in the CSS for a Reverb project, but I'm not sure where to put the text element in the override files to keep it out of the content box so it can be fixed in the browser window. Does anyone have any insight?

Update June 18, 2013

Can you describe more of what you're trying to accomplish? In other words, what do you want in a fixed position, where, and perhaps also why? Is it just text that you want fixed or an image? What have you tried so far? What do you mean by "content box"?

Moreover, is it a specific paragraph style that you are trying to have in a fixed position? If so, have you looked at setting Positioning options on the HTML tab for the paragraph style? You can set the Left, Top, Right, Bottom positions and set the Type (Static, Relative, Absolute). Although you mention you want it outside of the "content box," which would mean that anything set inside ePublisher's styles tabs would not be helpful. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, perhaps you could use/repurpose one of the Company Information options in Target Settings (assuming they're outside of your "content box")?

It's often easier to provide assistance if we can look at a small sample project. Can you attach a sample project of what you've done so far with a "it hurts here" sort of flag?

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