I would be happy to see more info about the search function and particularly the ranking.

Are you looking to learn more about WWHelp search in general? Seems like this is separate from the Optimizer. Is that correct?

I finally had the time to use the Optimizer. It seems to have worked Benchmark Data. I used Firebug as was recommended. Can you explain why the number of requests change after an upload (just wondering)? Two things:

Optimizer Breaks WWP Search Engine

After using the script, I can't perform a single search. I had an example in production, but had to revert back to pre-Optimizer output because customers had to have their search functionality. wwhbdata folder was being created.

Oh WAIT! I revisited the Optimizer page. Apparently I DO have the older script installed (I renamed the folder). Totally my fault. I grabbed the GET file at the top of the list. I went to reinstall the script and that's when I noticed. This has got to be the problem. I'll report back. -- AngelaAkridge

Search is working fine under the latest script. Thank you.-- AngelaAkridge

Need Better Performance

Aside from the server configuration tips (e.g. javascript request expiration) is there anything else I can do to improve performance? I already have fat pipes and kick-butt CPU. Although the script did a good job, my customer is still very unhappy with the performance. :( Do you have any other suggestions? I really just need the first page and navigation to launch faster. That would give the perception that the help is loading faster. Things can continue to load in the background. ;) -- AngelaAkridge

Angela, I created a table containing your performance data on the More Examples page. One thing that I'm seeing is that you should consider adding expiration dates to your .js files. I tested with YSlow and it shows your server sets short lived expiration dates on your .js files. Recommend you modify your server configuration ala the Server Configuration section.-- BenAllums

I'm in the process of having my engineering group change the configuration. Are there any negative consequences to have a longer expiration period?-- AngelaAkridge

The Engineering group made the suggested server modifications, but I'm not seeing any noticeable difference in performance unfortunately. Is there a way to have specific files load first, namely the navigation and first page? Any other performance tuning tips would be much appreciated. -- AngelaAkridge

I just ran YSlow. Would it be safe to apply expirations for these too:

There are 6 static components without a far-future expiration date.


That shouldn't be a problem Angela.

-- BenAllums

I am getting errors in the optimized WWH thatI do not see in the merged output. The precise errors vary according to the browser I use.

  1. IE7
    • Error on page for every page in the WWH.
      "Line: 2
      Char: 1
      Error: Invalid character
      Code: 0
      URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Instantiations/VA%20Smalltalk/8.0/help/hd/howdoi.html"
      However, the HTML looks well formed.
  2. Opera 9.64
    • Error on page for every page in the WWH.
      JavaScript - "file://localhost/D:/Documents/VAS-Mergedb117postopt/Introduction/wwhdata/common/context.js
      Linked script not loaded"
      when I look for context.js, I find it is absent in the optimized version of WWH (but present in the merged version of WWH)
  3. FireFox 3.0.7

    • Error only for some pages, e.g. instgd27.html
      Error: Permission denied to get property XULElement.accessibleType
      file:///D:/Documents/VAS-Mergedb117postopt/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/scripts.js Line: 1119

If you have access, WebWorks Case #00008739 has some attachments. of the specific files.


A couple of questions. First, what version of ePublisher are you running? Second, can you attach the help set files/examples to this page?

-- BenAllums

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