This could use with some screen shots. Drag them where? What view do I have open. This is taking me forever to get running. Yeah, I wish I could have there for the entire bootcamp. Still, if I hadn't attended the conference this page would be unusable as written except by the most determined of writers.

I just spent 2+ hours getting this setup and running. I even updated your page for you. My breakpoint is never hit and it is set on two lines in pages.xsl. I also tried on content.xsl. Needless to say as much as I would like to solve this problem and learn how to get this debugger going, I do not have 2+ hours more to waste on this error. I'm submitted a case on this issue (see the CSS one). I assume you can find the problem a heck of a lot faster than me. Obviously, since I brought this problem up in the bootcamp I am still working on it. Waaay to long for something so simple to change in the old product.

What error are you talking about? The debugging works fine for me by just following the given setup procedure. Actually, there should not be anything more to it than

  1. Installing Visual Studio.
  2. Modifying the ePublisher config file.
  3. Opening the solution and starting to debug...


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