Show/Hide Navigation Button for WebWorks Help 5.0

Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2007-02
Changes:Initial version.
Issue:For our 2008.4 ePub help system, we are using the Lobby skin. There is no Show/Hide navigation icon on the main frameset - only on the context sensitive frames. In that case, there is a Show Navigation button and after you select it to open the main help, you can't go back to a collapsed view because there are no icons on the main Frameset. So, I applied the fix in this topic but I was not careful - ALWAYS - copy changes into your formats files, not replace. Thanks to Ben, he corrected the error of my ways! For a zip of changes for the 2008.4 publisher version WebWorks Help 5.0 Lobby skin, click the Attachments link above and download the zip. Thanks Ben! :-) joan


This page outlines a Format override for a Show/Hide navigation button for WebWorks Help 5.0.

Usage Notes

Download the attached zip file and extract the contents to an existing WebWorks Help 5.0 project.

NOTE: The format override uses icons from the Classic skin. To replicate these icons for another skin, open the wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/images/shownav.gif in a Graphics Editor. Save it over the one in Formats/WebWorks Help 5.0/Files/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/images as show.gif. Then in your Graphics Editor, flip the image 180 degrees and save it over the one in Formats/WebWorks Help 5.0/Files/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/images.

Fix Needed

(BrentGossett, 2007.11.28) The show and hide images were reversed as implemented in the download. To make this override work properly, I had to make the following changes:

  1. In Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\scripts\controls.js, swap all show.gif and hide.gif references (lines 298, 784, and 805). Here's the fix on line 298:
// Create control entries
this.fAddControl("WWHShowHideIcon", (!this.fSansNavigation()), false,
                 "Show/Hide Navigation",
                 "hide.gif", "hide.gif", "fClickedShowHide", "WWHControlsLeftFrame");

(By the way, if you want to make the tooltip reference the value in the message.xml file where it can be localized, change the string "Show/Hide Navigation" above to "WWHFrame.WWHHelp.mMessages.mShowNavigationIconLabel" (no quotes). Then in Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\messages.xml, change the value attribute of all the StaticString elements whose key attribute is ShowNavigationIconLabel to "Show/Hide Navigation". Would be better if you could use two independent strings, one to say "Show Navigation" and another "Hide Navigation", but that would require changes to the logic.)

  1. Make sure your Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Skins\<skin_name>\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\images\shownav.gif file is the same as the Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\images\show.gif. The shownav.gif file is the image that's used when the window opens in topic-only view (i.e. via a context-sensitive call), not the show.gif file.

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