Combine localizable contents in a single file


Move all localizable text to locales.xml from other locations for better handling of stationery localization. This includes localizable text in files for which we have requested customization.

Detailed Description

There are localizable strings scattered in various files. This includes strings in locales.xml (HC UI files) and other below-mentioned files which are a part of customization that we have specifically asked for. As this localizable text is present sporadically in files, stationery localization becomes difficult as we have to touch multiple files. Can this text be moved to locales.xml from other files? Below is the list of localizable strings and files in which they are currently present:

locales.xml: HC UI strings content.xsl: failover message text profile-menu.xsl: string for profile filtering drop-down heading profiles.xml: contains profile names used for profiles filtering search.js: contains localizable strings for product-specific search filtering

Use Cases

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KalpanaPatankar   A correction: move strings to messages.xlf and not to locales.xml.
2017-08-08 11:41:18

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