Reverb "Search" for intranet deployment behind firewall


Many corporations use technical documentation behind the firewall and need "search" to work. It would enhance Reverb to support this. Major pharmaceutical companies, for example, consider the topics that they search for to be the kind of information they do not want their competitors to have ever have access to.

Detailed Description

Reverb currently only supports "Search" for docs hosted on the globally accessible internet.

Use Cases

Boeing is a company that only offers its engine repair manuals (and list of engine defects) to customers, not to competitors.

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ThomasAlbert   Of the three options listed below, I was primarily thinking of Stand-alone search capability (ala WWHelp), assuming that would be a format that would enable customers hosting documentation internal to do a search. Is Reverb compatible with WWHelp? Is WWHelp the same as Webworks Web Help?

  1. Searching on IIS (Microsoft's Internet Information Server)
  2. Searching on SharePoint
  3. Stand-alone search capability (ala WWHelp)

2011-10-24 17:35:19
BenAllums   Reverb and WWHelp are distinct formats.  The WWHelp search implementation is deeply integrated into the run-time.  For Reverb, our goal is to build a more modular system.  Presently, we support public Google search.  Adding support for behind the firewall search can be done several ways.  My question really focuses on how you anticipate hosting your Reverb content.

2011-10-26 10:18:46
TonyMcDow   This is implemented currently using out-of-the-box Client-side search. In the 2017.1 release, there will be several new features to enhance Reverb Client-side search.
2017-05-16 17:37:43

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