Overriding the Execute Timeout Period


The following reference explains how to override the built-in timeout period when using the "wwexec:ExecuteCommand*()" extension object.

You only need to modify this call when encountering the following error:

[Error] Timed out executing command '<exe-path arguments>'

Example Modification

 <xsl:variable name="VarExecuteResult" select="wwexec:ExecuteCommandInDirectory($ParamPath, $VarWWHelp5Path, '-wwhelp', $VarWWHelpPath)" />

 <xsl:variable name="VarExecuteResult" select="wwexec:ExecuteCommandInDirectoryWithTimeout(3600, $ParamPath, $VarWWHelp5Path, '-wwhelp', $VarWWHelpPath)" />

Notice that the only change was adding this text after the "ExecuteCommandInDirectory" text:


This change specifies that a timeout will only occur after 1 hour.

Files to override by Format

/!\ Never modify the files in the "Program Files" installation area.

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