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[Error] The format "WebWorks Help 5.0" was not found. Make sure ePublisher is installed properly.

When: The message can display when you generate an Express Publisher 2008.3 project.

Why: The express project was synchonized (File > Synchonize with Stationary) using only the *.wxsp file; the Files and Formats folders were not located along with the stationary at the time of synchonization.

While the sync process does not display a red error message in the log file, it doesn't display the typical copying files watermark process either. The red error message displays in the log area when you try to generate the project itself.

You may not notice that if you are testing something in a hurry. :-)

[Error] No deployment setting was specified for this target in the format settings. Please specify a deployment setting and try again

Design project was updated from 2008.3 to 2008.4.

When: I made a paragraph tag output change in the design project and resaved the stationary. Now, in the Express Publisher, project I am getting this message. I've tried creating new targets, new locations, but can't deploy from Express. I can deploy okay from the design project.


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