Adding A Custom Header File

  1. Open your existing ePublisher Pro project if it is not already open.
  2. Go to View > User Files.

  3. Navigate up one level to the same directory where your .wep ePublisher Pro project file is located.
  4. Create a new folder named Targets.
    • Note: The directories ePublisher Pro looks for are case-sensitive. Be sure to type the folder names exactly the way they are typed in the installation directory structure.
  5. Open the Targets directory you just created.
  6. Create a new folder and assign it the name of the Format Target you have selected in your project.
  7. Open the Format Target directory you just created. Leave this window open.
  8. Open a new window and navigate to the Microsoft HTML Help 1.x folder located within the Targets directory where you installed WebWorks ePublisher Pro. By default, it is located in C:\ProgramFiles\WebWorks\ePublisherPro\Formats\Microsoft HTML Help 1.x.

  9. Open the Pages folder.
  10. Navigate to the template.hhp file, select it, right-click and choose Copy to copy the file.
  11. Within the Targets directory that you created in step 5, recreate the directory path that leads to the file you copied in step 11. Then paste the copied file here.
    • For this example, since you are overriding the template.hhp file for your new format target based on the Microsoft HTML Help 1.x format, you would create within your new Targets directory a new folder called Pages, and paste the copied file here.
  12. The file you have just pasted will be the file that you will make your modifications to.
    • Note: It is not necessary to copy any files into the project Targets directory that you are not explicitly overriding.

Modifying the HTML Help Project File

  1. Open the template.hhp file you just created in a text editor.
  2. Change the $MapFile; string under the [Map] heading with the names of your multiple header files.
    For Example:

    #include "MyHeader1.h"
    #include "MyHeader2.h"
    #include "MyHeader1000.h"
  3. When you are finished adding your files, save the template.hhp file and
    • the next time you Generate All in your ePublisher Pro project, this file will replace the default file (thus overriding it), and the changes you made will be incorporated into the output.
  4. When you save the ePublisher Pro project as Stationery, the Project
    • Target Overrides you have created will be saved in your Stationery.
  5. This stationery can then be used to create future projects, thus
    • maintaining these modifications throughout your future projects.

Adding Multiple Header Files to ePublisher Pro

  1. Open your existing ePublisher Pro project if it is not already open.
  2. Go to View > User Files.

  3. Drag each of your header (.h) files here.
  4. Close the window.

    Here's what Quadralay forgot:

  5. Click Format > Format Settings.

  6. Scroll down to the HTML Help section
  7. Click to the right of the HTML help custom map file field to
    • activate the browser button.
  8. Browse to where your *.h file is and click on it to select it.
  9. Go to Project > Generate All.

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