Adding a company logo to the WebWorks Help 5 toolbar

This tip, based on Zoë Lawson's PDF "Adding a Button to WWH 4.0", shows how to move your corporate icon from the topic area to the centre of the WebWorks Help 5 toolbar.

Unfortunately, Zoë's method, designed for WWH3 and 4, doesn't work in WWH5. So, as I am presently contracting at a company which has Support, I used the system to ask for some pointers. Osman Tavilson pointed me in the right direction:

WWH5 now uses a file called title.html (in C:\Program files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\html) to control the toolbar.

So here's how it goes (with thanks to Osman at Q and Shane Singh at MYOB):

1. Make an override in your project directory by adding the two paths below:

PROJECT\Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\html 
PROJECT\Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\images

2. Copy title.html from the program files area to the first override.

3. Copy the contents of the images folder to the second override.

4. Open the new title.html with a text editor and go to:

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" background="../images/toolsbg.gif" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" topmargin="0" bottommargin="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" onload="WWHTitleFrame_HandleLoad();" onkeydown="WWHTitleFrame_HandleKeyDown((document.all||document.getElementById||document.layers)?event:null);" onkeypress="WWHTitleFrame_HandleKeyPress((document.all||document.getElementById||document.layers)?event:null);" onkeyup="WWHTitleFrame_HandleKeyUp((document.all||document.getElementById||document.layers)?event:null);" >

5. Add the following before </body>:

<div align="center" style="padding-left:50px;" >
  <img src ="../images/MYicon.gif" align="center"; />

(You may not need the padding.)

6. Add your image (MYicon.gif) to:

PROJECT\Targets\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\images

7. Save and compile the project.

jjj 4 March 2008

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