Automap job fails: no error or log


A user attempts to run a job in WebWorks Automap 2003 Administrator and immediately gets the Job Failed icon. There is no error message or log entry. However, other users can run the same job.


In Windows, delete the user's 'Documents and Settings\<user account>\*'. After this, the user can recreate their preferences and run & schedule jobs.

Note: The problem arises because there is something not right in the user's environment. There is probably a specific file or directory can be deleted, like just the WebWorks directory, but that did not work on first tests. Deleting the entire directory was brute force, but it worked.

Question: You're referring to WebWorks AutoMap 2003 (macros) and not ePublisher AutoMap (XSL)?

Answer: Sorry, I should have been more specific. WebWorks Automap 2003 Administrator.

Okay, thanks for the clarification. In that case, I can only suggest that you try the wwp-users Yahoo! list. WebWorks AutoMap 2003 (along with all 2003 products) has been EOLed for the past 2+ years and this wiki is focused on ePublisher base products, such as ePublisher AutoMap 2010.1, etc.

Can this issue be reproduced with ePublisher AutoMap 2010.1?

Answer: I don't know; I didn't try it with this user with a supported Automap. But, if the latest does have the same problem, at least someone else encountering it will have a clue what to look for.

Sounds good. Thanks for contributing back to the wiki Mike.


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