I used this attachment to add the volume crumb--had to add my own manual/hard-coded separator because no matter how I structured my files/groups, I could not get the separator to appear between the volume title and the first TOC header. My problem now is that I want each volume crumb to link to the intro page of that volume. Currently, the volume crumb is inactive--doesn't link. I did a little research and those first breadcrumbs on Web sites DO link to the related intro/home page, and that is what my boss and our graphic designer want. Anyone have any solutions for making those initial crumbs link?


It's stange that the separator between the MergeTitle and the TOC Level 1 does not appear. Can you post a screen shot of the merge settings of your project?

The reason why the TOC Title and the MergeTitles do not contain links is that during processing the merge settings it is not easily possible to find out the link/path to the first topic underneath it, but I guess it can be done somehow... I will try to work this out, since it's something I would also like to add to my helpsets.

MarcusBaake (2009-04-24):

I just discovered your attached screenshots... I didn't have time to look into the code yet, but I noticed that there is no root topic (a.k.a. "group") in your merge settings. That is probably the problem. Can you add a group in your merge settings and test it again? See the attached screen shot "MergeSettingsWithRootTopic.png" to see what I mean...

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