Easy Table Borders

Note:This article was written with ePublisher versions prior to 9.2.2 in mind

Here's a way for you to make all your table cell borders uniform. This method I'm about to show you will ignore any specific cell border properties and render the same border width for the entire table.

Basically, what you need to do is add some custom css to the webworks.css file in a format override.

Here are the exact steps to do this:

1. Open your project and hit F12. this will open an explorer window to your project files.
2. Go up one level (directory). You should see folders called Data, Files, Logs, Output, etc.
3. Create a a series of folders, each successive one inside the one you created before:

  1. create a folder called Formats here.
  2. create a folder called Microsoft HTML Help 1.x in Formats
  3. create a folder called Pages within Microsoft HTML Help 1.x
  4. create a folder called css withing Pages.

4. Copy the file webworks.css from the following location to this last css folder you created in the following step.

  C:\Program Files\WebWorks\ePublisher Pro\Formats\Microsoft HTML Help 1.x\Pages\css\webworks.css

5. add this css snippet to the end of the file:

    border-collapse: collapse;

6. regenerate your project, and the lines should all be the same width. If this doesn't work, double-check that you named the folder correctly and they are in the right place.

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