Extending Encodings


Is it possible for me to add code-page support myself?


Yes, but only if the .NET platform already supports it. Fortunately, the .NET platform supports a very large number of locales and encodings.
  1. Locate "pages.fti" in any given format:

    WebWorks Help 5.0/Transforms/pages.fti
  2. Open that up and at the top you'll see:

    <Class name="encoding" validater="encoding">
     <Item value="UTF-8" stringid="encoding-utf-8" />
     <Item value="ISO-8859-1" stringid="encoding-iso-8859-1" />
     <Item value="Shift_JIS" stringid="encoding-shift-jis" />
     <Item value="EUC-KR" stringid="encoding-euc-kr" />
     <Item value="GB2312" stringid="encoding-gb2312" />
     <Item value="Big5" stringid="encoding-big5" />
     <Item value="Windows-1250" stringid="encoding-windows-1250" />
     <Item value="Windows-1251" stringid="encoding-windows-1251" />
     <Item value="Windows-1252" stringid="encoding-windows-1252" />
     <Item value="Windows-1253" stringid="encoding-windows-1253" />
     <Item value="Windows-1254" stringid="encoding-windows-1254" />
     <Item value="Windows-1257" stringid="encoding-windows-1257" />
  3. Add in another item for Hebrew:

    <Item value="Windows-1255" />
  4. Close and reopen your project.
  5. Open up "Format Settings" and select your new encoding. It should "just work" on systems with that encoding supported.

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