Modifying Popup Borders

The TOC popups and the regular popups are different animals. The regular popups use IFRAME to display an html page, whereas the TOC popups are just floating CSS tables. To style the IFRAME you have to either make changes to the help.js file or create a CSS override that applies to IFRAMES. W

create an override of the help.js file the usual way you create and override, and then modify line 1026 to add style properties for the IFRAME.


PopupHTML = "<iframe id=\"WWHPopupIFrame\" width=\"" + this.mPopup.mWidth + "\"
src=\"" + Src + "\" onload=\"javascript:WWHPopupLoaded()\"></iframe>";


PopupHTML = "<iframe id=\"WWHPopupIFrame\" width=\"" + this.mPopup.mWidth + "\"
src=\"" + Src + "\" onload=\"javascript:WWHPopupLoaded()\" FRAMEBORDER=0px style=\"border:0px;\"></iframe>";

This will get rid of the ugly IFRAME border and leave you with a default border that can probably be defined in the style designer in the border properties for your popup although I didn't take it that far.

Note: Figure out if a CSS override of IFRAMEs will also work. Border color not working though

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