Here are some basic steps for resolving PostScript & TrueType font problems

Often commercial fonts are sold in sets that include both a PostScript and TrueType version of the same font. This causes conflicts that can make ePublisher css generation to fail. Here are some basic steps to purge the set you don't need.

1. close all applications and open the control panel
2. In the fonts control panel, remove the offending fonts. (if you want PostScript, delete the TrueType. If you want TrueType, delete the PostScript)
3. reboot.
4. Check that only the single type of font you need is loaded. Check that your Frame docs have the nesc. fonts specified.
5. Open ePublisher and regenerate all. Your CSS should look normal again. Where PS fonts were should now map to "Microsoft Sans Serif" or "Times New Roman".

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