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ericg4732 wrote:
> Now I am trying to use the combination of FM8 + ePublisher 2008.3 to
> generate Simplified Chinese WebWorks Help for one of my
> client. The outout seems OK except Index.
> The index entries can not be grouped by pronouncation. All index
> entries start with Chinese character are sorted to "Z".
> The locale setting is GB2312 and ZH. Who can let me know why I cannot
> generate correct Index for CHS version? Thanks. :-)

This may be a short-coming in the default locale settings for index generation. You can alter this by overriding the "locales.xml" file:

You will see a section for "zh":

This takes effect when you have the "zh" locale specified in the Target Settings dialog.

If the default values are incorrect, you can refer to the following documentation in order to create any sections you require:

See the section under "Index grouping and display order information".

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boormichael wrote:
> Working with Simplified Chinese and Japanese FM 7.2 files, outputting
> to Dynamic HTML. Output generated on foreign OS. WebWorks Pro and
> stationery are 2008.3 (latest) but problem is present in earlier 2008
> versions.
> Index of output files are not ordered correctly and the top-level
> letters appear in English. Problem does not appear in .chm output and
> stationery contains output to .chm and to Dynamic HTML.

Locale specific sorting is used to generate output for Dynamic HTML as well as HTML Help and WebWorks Help.

However, the help runtimes may sort the index according to Unicode order at runtime. This happens with HTML Help if you are merging CHMs (binary index == false) or at any time with WebWorks Help.

One workaround that is possible with non-merged help sets in WebWorks Help is to remove this Unicode sort behavior. Again, this should never be done if there are multiple help sets which should be merged.


Search for function WWHIndexEntry_SortChildren(ParamEntry) and replace:


That should do it.

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