Wise Installers and WebWorks Express version 9.3 CHM Files

If your developers have NOT upgraded to Wise Installation Studio 7 yet and are still using an earlier version of Wise (such as version 6.2), they might have trouble adding your CHM file (created with WebWorks Express version 9.3) to the Wise installer solution using the normal method (Installation Expert tab).


Your developer tries to add your chm file using the Installation Expert tab and Wise crashes after they click Add.

Workaround in Wise version 6.2

  1. Click the Setup Editor tab (at the bottom of the window).
  2. Click the Components tab (upper left corner of window).
  3. Find a component that already has some document files added.
  4. Right-click that component, select New | File, and browse to the chm.

This is a permanent workaround but the ideal solution is for them to upgrade to Wise Installation Studio 7.

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