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On the Yahoo wwp-users group, an ePublisher user wondered about how to get output that was mostly the same, but had slight variations. The original poster wanted to reuse most of the format settings from one output that would have no breadcrumbs in a different output.

I set up a project to demonstrate how you can set global settings that are common to all of the output, and set target settings for output that varied a little bit, while keeping all of the target settings in one project.


There are two sets of projects attached to this wiki entry: one that uses FM10 source files, and one that uses Word source files. The projects were developed using ePublisher 2012.3.

Download the appropriate zip file and unzip the contents to your computer.

There are four folders:

source - The FrameMaker or Word files

target_demo_projects\designer - The ePublisher Designer project

target_demo_projects\express - The ePublisher Express project

target_demo_projects\stationery - The ePublisher stationery based on the Designer project

In the "lorem_ipsum" source files, I inserted PageStyle markers called NoBreadcrumbs at each "chapter" heading.

Express Project

First, open the Express project. In the drop-down list at the top of the Express window, you should see three targets:

Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs appear on every page of the output.

MixedBreadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs appear on white pages, but not on purple pages.

NoBreadcrumbs - This is a one-page Web page and has no breadcrumbs.

In Express, generate the output for each target one target at a time. View the results to see how each target's output is slightly different.

Designer Project

Now open the Designer project. Inspect the settings for each target. Notice that I set up the different targets by going to Project > Manage Targets.

This is the master target where all of the global properties and options are set. On the Page Styles tab of the Style Designer, the breadcrumb setting on the Default page style is left at the default value of Enabled. The NoBreadcrumbs page style in the source files has no impact on the output.

MixedBreadcrumbs target

On the Page Style tab in the Style Designer, I created different Target settings (as opposed to global settings) for the NoBreadcrumbs page style. I set the Target Properties Background to an purple colour, and the Target Options breadcrumb setting to Disabled.

NoBreadcrumbs target

On the Page Styles tab of the Style Designer, I set the Target Options breadcrumb setting to Disabled for the Default page style. The NoBreadcrumbs page style in the source files has no impact on the output. In addition, I set all the heading styles to have no TOC output and no page break priority.

Once I was satisfied with the settings in Designer, I saved all three targets to one stationery. Therefore, all three targets are available in the Express project.

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