Graphics on FrameMaker reference pages

Sometimes users will make use of the reference pages for graphics, and ePublisher Pro does not scan or check reference pages. This is why none of your images in the reference page is coming out. Support recommends importing your images directly or simply use your images as bulleted text in ePublisher Pro. In order to achieve this please follow the steps below:

Replacing images for bullets:

  1. In your ePuslisher Pro project, select View > User Files.

  2. Place the image you would like to use as your bullet style in the User Files folder (Files Folder located with *.wep file)
  3. Select View > Style Designer.

  4. Select the paragraph style that you would like to assign the custom bullet image to.
  5. Choose Bullet from the list of properties.
  6. Click on the dropdown button next to the Images property.
  7. Select a bullet image from the list of available images.
  8. Close the Style Designer.
  9. Select Project > Regenerate All


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