Autonumbered paragraphs in anchored frames are not updated in output

If you insert text boxes in your anchored frames and use a paragraph style with AutoNumber properties that display and/or increment a series building block, you may find that the numbers are not generated correctly when the graphic are rendered in your output.

For example, you may add a line to your graphics to serve as an image caption containing the position of the image in a sequence (e.g., FigureTitle). When the images are rasterized for output, the sequence variables are reset to zero each time.

This bug is referenced by defect #WWEP2478, and the timeline for a fix it not yet available.

The best workaround for this issue is to move your numbered paragraphs outside the anchored frames, into a regular text flow. You may even improve image quality by avoiding the rasterization of otherwise clean by-reference graphics.


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