Cannot Duplicate Document

If you have upgraded to the Spring 2008 release (or later) of ePublisher, and you are unable to convert documents authored and saved in FrameMaker 8, there are two main things to check:

1. When installed on Windows Vista, a bug exists in the FrameMaker Developer's Kit (FDK) which prevents the FDK from being used without first being approved by an administrator user. To work around this issue, you must run an ePublisher component once as an administrator. That is, right-click on an ePublisher project or shortcut and choose "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. Create or open a project that contains FM documents in the Document Manager. Then, open one of the FrameMaker documents from within ePublisher. This establishes the connection between the FDK and the Windows Vista UAC security by utilizing the FDK with an Admin-approved application (ePublisher). After doing this once, you can then use a standard user account to generate output as usual.

2. If you have multiple versions of FrameMaker installed on your system, ePublisher may try to open an Frame 8 document with, say, the Frame 7.2 installation. Currently, there is not a way to specify which FrameMaker installation should be used to open FM documents; it looks to the Windows shell command for opening the relevant file types. The best way to resolve this kind of issue is to uninstall all previous versions of FrameMaker before generating output.


When multiple FrameMaker installations are found, the ePublisher plugin may not be installed in the expected version's application folder. It may be helpful to follow these steps (make sure ePublisher and FrameMaker are closed):

1. Navigate to the FrameMaker installation directory (Program Files/Adobe/FrameMaker[X]/

2. Open the directory.

3. Copy the WebWorks.FrameMaker.Client.dll file, if present. If not, locate that file in another FrameMaker version installation folder.

4. Paste a copy of the file into the corresponding fminit/Plugins/ folder within the FrameMaker 8 installation directory.

5. Reopen your ePublisher projects and attempt the FM communication again.

This issue has been resolved in the April (2008.1.a) patch.


A new defect has been found that affects ePublisher 2008.1. There appears to be a problem communicating with FrameMaker (we are unable to save a MIF using the Frame FDK) when processing a structured document authored in FrameMaker 8 that contains a table element at the end of the document which spans across a page break. It's an unusual circumstance, and our developers are troubleshooting the issue and working toward a solution. The fix is expected in the May 31 patch. To work around the issue now, try adding an empty paragraph element after the table at the end of the error-prone document.


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