Cannot Initialize API Client

If you launch FrameMaker from ePublisher, you may see the following error:

This is caused when you uninstall an previous installation of WebWorks Publisher 2003. That legacy application added a line to the FrameMaker initialization file that referenced a Quadralay API file. After uninstalling, that line is not removed, so FrameMaker throws the error when it can't find the referenced file.

To resolve the problem, locate the following file (in your FrameMaker installation folder):

Open the file in a text editor, such as NotePad. Search for the word "WebWorks". You should find a line similar to this: WebWorksFrameClient=Standard,WebWorks Publisher 2003 for FrameMaker Plugin,C:\Program Files\Quadralay\WebWorks Publisher 2003 for FrameMaker\bin\wwapiclient70.dll,all Delete that whole line (and any other WebWorks references). Then, save maker.ini, restart ePublisher and FrameMaker, and the problem should be resolved.


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