FrameMaker books with multiple TOC, Index, or Front-matter files

Customer says: My FrameMaker book contains 5 FM-generated files: 3 TOCs and 2 alphabetical paragraph lists. One TOC is the master TOC and the two other TOCs include smaller subsets of paragraphs. WWeP Pro correctly identifies the master TOC and uses it to create the TOC in all targets. It even correctly treats the second TOC as a normal FM file and outputs its content. However, it incorrectly identifies the third TOC as a file that it should not output (the filename is grayed out in the Document Manager pane) and indeed this file is not output in any target.

How can I make WWeP output my third TOC as a normal output file?

Specifically, ePublisher exhibits in correctbehavior when it recognizes only the last TOC in a book as the "official" table of contents file. Any other TOCs before it are treated as normal files, and output is generated as such. Also, any files before that last TOC are identified as "front-matter" files, so if you have disabled output for those files, they are greyed out. This is recognized as defect #WWEP2568.

There are two possible workarounds: 1. Add your files individually, rather than importing a book. That way, you can only add the files you want to generate, and we'll generate output for everything you add.

2. Add the .book to the project. . Save and close the project. . Open the project (.wep or .wrp) file with a text editor. . Change the /Project/Groups/Group/Book/Document elements' Type attribute to toc, normal, front-matter as appropriate. . Open the project file and continue as usual.


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