Cross references with non-English text are not resolved in output

When you create a cross-reference to a paragraph, FrameMaker creates two markers: one at the destination paragraph and one at the location of the reference. The markers contain the text of the referenced paragraph. If the paragraph contains non-Latin characters (Cyrillic, Japanese, etc.), then the encoding of the two markers gets mixed up during processing. ePublisher checks the source marker, and it does not find a destination marker with the same text (the foreign characters will have been saved as their Latin equivalents). So, the xref is unresolved in the output, and the problem is listed in the Links Report.

This is a known defect in ePublisher 2008.1 and previous versions. The defect number is WWEP2169, and it will be listed in the release notes of the version for which it is fixed.

The only available workaround is to create your own cross-reference markers (without the non-Latin characters) in the appropriate destination paragraphs and then create the cross-references to those markers (instead of paragraphs).


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