FrameMaker paragraphs in different text flows have unexpected order in HTML

If you have multiple text flows in a document, the HTML layout may have a different order for the paragraphs than for what is seen in the PDF or FrameMaker WYSISYG.

The solution is to connect the text frames into one contiguous flow and then use either the Pagination -> Start -> "Top of Column" or "Top of Page" paragraph properties in order to achieve the same effect as when the flows were separate.

To connect two flows do this:

  1. Use the object selection pointer and select the first text frame and then select the second text frame.
  2. Select Menu item: Format -> Customize Layout -> Connect Text Frames

To change paragraph start position:

  1. Open Paragraph Designer.
  2. Select Pagination Tab.
  3. For Start combo box, select either "Top of Column" or "Top of Page"


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