Adding locales to your ePublisher project

So, you're interested in publishing output in languages that aren't supported out-of-the-box by the ePublisher Platform, but you don't know where to begin.

It is indeed possible to add some custom locales, and you can find some more information on our wiki, in the following articles:

The first link provides details on how the locales.xml file works and how to modify it. It has a lot of helpful information, including index sort order; but, it's written from a developer perspective, so hopefully it's not too hard to follow. The second article is just a list of examples of new locales that can be added to locales.xml.

The step missing in both, though, is the integration of a new locale into the ePublisher project. You can modify and add options to the Format Settings by modifying the appropriate FTI file.

If you are adding locale definitions, you can add the option to the "Locale" dropdown menu in Format Settings by following these steps:

1. Perform an override on 'locale.fti', located in the same folder as locales.xml: ePublisher\Formats\Shared\common\locale\ For more information on overrides, please see our TechNote article here:

2. Copy the file to your project directory, recreating the appropriate folder structure above.

3. Open the copy in a text editor such as NotePad.

4. In the "locale" Class, add a new entry representing your custom locale. For example: <Common value="pt" />

5. Save locale.fti.

6. Save and close your ePublisher Project (if it is open).

7. Reopen the project, and select the new Locale from the list in the Format Settings.

If you require a new encoding codepage along with your custom locale, you can add anything you need in a similar fashion. The file to override, though, is here: ePublisher Pro\Formats\[Your Format]\Transforms\pages.fti

At the top, the "encoding" class should be modified by adding a new item representing the code page you require. Save pages.fti, close and reload your project, and the the new options should be available in the Format Settings.


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