Browser Security Warnings

When you launch WebWorks Help 5.0 or Dynamic HTML output from your local drive, you might get warnings from your browsers regarding active content or secure/unsecure items. If you know the source of the files, you may approve these messages without concern for the security of your computer.

The truth is that under the right browser security settings (namely default, popular settings), you should always get that message when launching WebWorks Help 5.0 output. The warning is prompted by the dynamic features of the format that are implemented by using active JavaScript functions and page loads.

If you are suddenly getting it where you didn't see the message previously, it's possible that a newly updated browser, cleared cache, or new output may have reset the settings that you approved before.

Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to avoid such a warning when you launch WebWorks Help or DHTML content locally. You can implement the "Mark of the Web" override described in the installed ePublisher Pro help documents, but that has its own undesirable limitations (it removes many dynamic features and disables links to local baggage files). If your goal is to publish your output online, then try testing it on a web server; you shouldn't get the same warnings if the file is in a different security zone (i.e., internet vs. local).


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