There is a bullet in front of every paragraph

If you generate output and notice that all paragraphs (not just bulleted lists) have a bullet symbol in front of them, it's likely result of a mistake in the Style Designer.

Perhaps for the [Prototype] paragraph style (or some other parent style), you have set the Bullet properties to use an explicit character or image.

Applying this setting to the [Prototype] style means that it will be inherited by all other styles that don't have another bullet defined explicitly in the Style Designer. The [Prototype] is default style--the father of all other styles, both those listed in the Style Designer and unnamed styles in the documents.

So, to fix the problem pull down the "=" sign next to the Bullet Text (or Bullet Image) property for the [Prototype] style and return it to the default value, "Inherit from Document paragraph style". If you intended to apply a bullet image to another style instead, be sure to make that change as well.

Regenerate your output to apply the changes, and submit a support request if you have any other questions concerning this issue.


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