Dos 8.3 filenames


Is there an option (like there was in Publisher 2003) to produce output files compatible with the DOS 8.3 file naming convention?


No, ePublisher does not have such an option. You can modify the naming convention by performing an override on a file called names.xsl, located by default in the ePublisher Pro installation directory here: ePublisher Pro\Formats\Shared\common\splits\

Look for a template called "SplitPath" to change the way HTML files are named, and one called "FramePath" to modify the rasterized image names. However, there are many other files produced with most output formats tht have names which cannot be changed. These HTML, JavaScript, XML, and other files may have filenames which are not compatible with the DOS 8.3 convention.

So, in summary, ePublisher output most likely cannot be configured to produce complete output with valid DOS 8.3 filenames.


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