Error: "The key 'xxxxxxxxxxxx' already exists"

When generating output or reports, you may run into an error message that states something along the lines of "The key 'A25BBF3B64BBB34' already exists." It's unclear what causes this error, but it seems likely that it's a cache issue. Try some of these steps to resolve the problem:

- Delete the Data and Output directories from the project folder, and then choose "Regenerate All" from the Project menu.

- Try opening the source files in FrameMaker/Word before generating. If that doesn't work, remove all of the source documents from the Document Manager and then re-import them.

- Try saving as stationery (don't select the "Standalone" option), and then create a new project with ePublisher Pro using that stationery and the appropriate documents.

If the error persists, please submit a support request with details concerning the error and the troubleshooting steps you have taken. Also attach a small sample project (including the project files and source documents) that demonstrates the error.


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