Style settings seem to be ignored in output

If your content is being displayed in a browser without any formatting (typically, it will appear as black Times New Roman text), then it's likely that the browser is ignoring some of your style definitions.

This often occurs if you have styles with names containing periods. A style name may not contain a period because this is how web browsers differentiate among classes of the same element. For example, the CSS might be created like this:



The third heading style will not be recognized in a browser. This isn't so much a defect in the ePublisher product as just an example of one of the challenges faced when developing web content in print-oriented applications (e.g., FrameMaker). The DITA Application Pack is known specifically to create styles with periods.

The solution to this problem is to remove the periods in your style names. This must be done at the document level, and then the Style Designer entries should be updated.


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