How do I add a link in my page template to a pre-existing document?

You may have the need to add additional information to your page template, such that all output pages contain, say, a link to a notice, copyright, or other page separate from your ePublisher source material.

You can add any additional information necessary (page counters, surveys, etc.) by performing an override of Page.asp (the default page template). If you delve into the XSL a little bit, you can even devise conditional statements that will add custom elements only on particular page styles that you designate.

For this solution, though, we'll look at the addition of a link at the bottom of the page to an "Info/Copyright" file that has already been saved as HTML.

ePublisher Pro\Formats\[your format]\Pages\ Note: for more information on the override procedure, please see our online technote article here:

<hr wwpage:condition="footer-exists" align="left" />

<div style="text-align:center" target="_blank"><a href="filename.html">Click Here for Copyright Information</a></div>

You should get a simple link at the bottom of each HTML output page referencing your copyright page, which will be included with the output. You can modify this procedure to add other links and page elements in a similar fashion.


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