Collapse menus by default

To get the behavior you're looking for, I recommend performing a target override on a file called 'toc.xsl'. This file is located by default in the ePublisher Pro installation folder, here: ePublisher Pro\Formats\Sun JavaHelp 2.0\Transforms\

For more information on target overrides, please see our online Knowledge Base article here:

Once you have 'toc.xsl' copied into the correct folder in your project directory, follow these steps: 1. Open 'toc.xsl' using a text- or xml editor (I use NotePad).

2. Insert the follow code after the </xsl:attribute> line:

<xsl:attribute name="expand">
<xsl:value-of select="'false'" />

3. Save 'toc.xsl'

4. Regenerate your output for the changes to take effect. That should insert the "expand=false" attribute into each TOC item, ensuring that everything is collapsed when your helpset launches.

Please let me know if you have any other questions concerning this issue, or if you have trouble implementing the workaround provided.


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