Navigation tree opens with first book expanded


When I open my multi-volume help system, the first volume in the navigation tree on the left is expanded. How can I configure it so that all of the volumes are closed when the help system is first launched?


This is related to the automatic synchronization of the currently displayed document with the TOC. It sounds like you want to turn that behavior off.

You may have WWHelp to display the first document of your help set rather than the splash screen. As well, it includes the option "Auto-sync TOC" in the target settings (default is Enabled). When this occurs, the runtime attempts to sync the TOC with the first document, and triggers the "part of my TOC expands" behavior.

If you want to turn off "Auto-sync TOC" behavior, open up the target settings for your WebWorks Help 5.0 target and disable it there. If you want to keep "Auto-sync TOC" but disable it for just the initial document load, then you'll need to override the following file:

Formats\WebWorks Help 5.0\Files\wwhelp\wwhimpl\common\common\scripts\help.js

Search for "this.mbAutoSyncTOC". It is a variable that is reset after every attempt to sync the TOC is made. You may just need to disable it in the function "WWHHelp_DisplayFirst()".


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