Error Opening an ePublisher project

On occasion, we'll get reports from users who have recently moved their projects from one system to another, or who have reorganized their network structure, etc. Afterward, when they try to launch ePublisher and open the project they were working on, they get a message along the lines of: "Error opening this project. An exception was thrown in the UI thread. ePublisher Pro has discovered an error and needs to close."

The application still works fine in most cases; it is able to create new projects and open other previous projects. But, for some reason, the storage reorganization sometimes seems to corrupt the some of the text-based project files.

I'm not sure why exactly this happens, nor how to prevent it. But, I have found a solution in most cases. Try opening your project file (*.wep) with NotePad (not WordPad). That is, right click no the file, and choose "Open with...", and pick NotePad from the list. Simply open the file, and then choose File > Save in NotePad, and close the file. That seems to do the trick, converting all the characters back to Unicode that can be processed by the XSL-based adapters that comprise the ePublisher engine.


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