Help On Contributing New Wiki Page

Explains steps for creating, maintaining, and sharing a wiki page.

Goals of Wiki Content

  • Owned

    • To be owned by an individual who is responsible for making sure the page is up-to-date and relevant. To own a page, just make sure that its path is underneath your HOMEPAGE.

  • Findable

    • To be findable by the appropriate audience(s) without having to resort to a Search.

  • Modifiable

    • To be modifiable so that it can "live", "evolve", "transfer to another owner", or "die" as necessary to best reflect its useful purpose.


  1. Determine page location
    • Pick a location underneath your HOMEPAGE (you will then own it)
    • Don't worry that it may need to live (or be owned) by somebody else in the future
    • Organize your pages to fit your own work processes and habits
  2. Create the page
    • Manually using the browser

Optional Steps

  • Categorize the page
    • (!) Make it easy for others to find without resorting to Search
      (!) MoinMoin categories are similar to Tags

    • Determine one or more appropriate categories.
      • Choose from existing categories
      • Or create your own
    • Append category name to your page
      • Syntax:
        • Category<DescriptorHere>
      • Type the category name at the bottom of the page
        • = My Page Title =
          All my content here.
           . CategoryFoobar
      • Make sure that it is not already there which may be the case if you copied or created the page from a template.
      • (!) You can use more than one category

  • Make a unique and permanent link for the page
    • (!) Maybe you want to publish the link in a blog or other system?

    • Decide upon a unique name (for a new page)
      • Plan on this name being relevant for a long time
      • Try to make the name self explanatory
    • Create new page underneath Permalinks with the following contents:

      • <<Include(<FirstLast/PathToOriginalPage/PageName)>>

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