Do I Have Customizations?

What are Overrides?

A customization is implemented in ePublisher via overrides. The WebWorks Documentation wiki contains more information on creating customizations via overrides


How do I know when I have overrides present?

  1. Go to the ePublisher Designer project and open up your project
  2. Once your project is open, go to View Project Directory and then the Windows Explorer will be open
  3. Look for Formats and Targets folders.

  4. If you do not have Formats or Targets directories, you do not have any overrides

  5. If you do have Formats or Targets directories, you will determine based on the type of file what kind of effort it is to migrate these files over to the latest version, we categorize these by safe or potential issues

    • Safe: *.asp, *.css, images (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif)
    • Potential issues: format.wwfmt, *.xsl, *.js


Maintaining Overrides webinar series

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