Working with Webdings in Internet Explorer


Customer was using "Webdings 2" font in her source. When she outputted to WebWorks Help in Internet Explorer, the font came out in an indistinguishable symbol.


When viewing this in Firefox, the font is outputted correctly. The issue with this is that WebWorks Help 5.0 is outputting the character  which is a Unicode value for the checkmark symbol. Internet Explorer does not recognize this as a valid value. However, Firefox does. The solution to get the output to work was to subtract 61520 - 61440 (the beginning of the UTF-16 values) The number I got for that was the equivalent of "P" but in that particular font. Because Firefox does not support Wingdings font, the browser will display "P". In conclusion, this works, but as the case of cross-browser compatibility, this causes issues with Firefox and Safari. So, if you are okay with it only working in IE, then this would be the option for you to use.

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