Working with the Files directory

Often, you will want to reference custom files (bullet images, header files) in your projects. ePublisher provides three levels of specificity for using and reusing these files within each project. You may place these reuse files in:

1. Format Files area - [ProjectDir]/Formats/[Format Name]/Files/ 2. Target Files area - [ProjectDir]/Targets/[Target Name]/Files/ 3. Project Files area - [ProjectDir]/Files/

* Format files are used by all targets which use that format (e.g., WebWorks Help 5.0). * Target files are used only by specific targets (e.g., My Web Target). * Project files are used by all formats and targets in the project.

Files in these locations will be copied into the output directory upon generation, based on the active target selection.

During the design phase with ePublisher Pro, all types of reuse files are saved as part of the Stationery package (for the selected targets). Users who wish to customize certain additional features outside of stationery may leverage the Target and Project files areas of their ePublisher Express publications projects to do so.

Note, though, that only Project Files are available for selection in the graphical file chooser. You should manually enter the name of the appropriate file if it is located in a Format or Target Files folder.


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