User is wanting to add a codeblock element to the Style Designer


1. You can find this element in the DITA 1.2 Spec here

2. Look for the inheritance in this and note what is listed. In this case it is:

+ topic/pre pr-d/codeblock

3. Make an override for


4. Your mileage may vary, and you may want to check out this page

5. For our purposes, we will insert the code under 718

 <xsl:when test="contains(@class, ' pr-d/codeblock ')">

and under line 1788

  <Type match="//*[contains(@class, ' pr-d/codeblock ')]" value="Paragraph" />

6. The reason for this is that we are trying to first make this entry appear in the Style Designer, but then we have to specify the value to determine what style group it belongs under, in this case we are making it a Paragraph style

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