Unexpected changes in font size or other formatting for certain paragraphs

If you notice that some paragraphs in your output are formatting differently than others bearing the same style name, there probably are format overrides affecting those paragraphs. You may have manually changed the style definition for a single paragraph in FrameMaker—perhaps making some text bold without using a "Bold" character style. Another popular override involves the use of change bars. By definition, change bars alter a paragraph's format, and thus count as a format override. If you apply change bars manually to a select group of paragraphs, those paragraphs are reported to ePublisher as having been overridden.

If a paragraph has format overrides, ePublisher ignores the formatting defined in the Style Designer and uses the styling cues set for the paragraph in FrameMaker. So, when you see some of your paragraphs stand out in your output, you likely have applied a format override to those paragraphs, in addition to making changes to the style (or a parent style) in the ePublisher Style Designer.

To resolve the issue, there are a couple of options:

  • In the Style Designer, select the affected paragraph style. On the Options tab, disable the "Apply Character Styles" setting. Note that this will also ignore any character formats applied within those paragraphs, which may not be desirable.
  • Remove the format overrides in the source document by re-applying the paragraph format to the affected paragraphs. You can locate the problem areas by viewing the Styles Report after generating output. Look for warnings of "Paragraph style overrides" and "Unnamed character overrides."
  • Create a new paragraph or character format specifically for the overridden instances, and apply that to the problem paragraph(s). For example, create a "Bold" character style, rather than applying manual boldface to selected text. Or create a "Body-changebars" paragraph style if only some of your paragraphs require change bars.


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