Styles not transferred from source document catalog to ePublisher Style Designer

By default, ePublisher does not scan your documents when you add them to a project. This gives you the opportunity to add styles manually and organize them in a way that conveniently and effectively utilizes the inheritance features of the Style designer.

If you reach a point at which you would like to scan in all of the styles defined in one (or all) of your documents, either right click on the file in the Document Manager or choose a file and pull down the Project menu. Select "Scan Selected" to bring in the styles from a single document (or selected group), or choose "Scan All" to import the styles from all documents.

Earlier versions of ePublisher (prior to 9.2.2) scanned the documents automatically as they were added to a project. To modify the default scanning behavior, choose Edit > Preferences. Under Scan Options, choose to automatically scan documents Never, Always, or to prompt before taking action.

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