Context-sensitive references in WWHelp don't scroll to subheadings

There are two options to make calls to a WebWorks Help 5.0 help system: a basic URL method, and the WebWorks Help SDK. The URL method is described in a TechNote article, here:

The requested path and its arguments are processed by a series of JavaScript functions, and the resulting URL looks something like this:


Some browsers seems to be having trouble parsing multiple anchors, so they are thrown off by the use of two pound signs in the URL. The second one is stripped off, and the user is directed only to the top of the page on which the requested content is found. The desired behavior--scrolling to the specific paragraph referenced by the Topic Alias marker--is lost.

This is an issue that seems to have arisen from some changes to the JavaScript processing of context-sensitive arguments for the ePublisher 9.3 release. It has been logged in our development system as issue #WWEP2609, and it will be listed in the release notes of the ePublisher version for which is it resolved.

The best way to work around this problem may be to use the WebWorks Help SDK, which is recommended for most context-sensitive implementations. For more information regarding the SDK, please see these articles on our Wiki:

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