Create help topics in specific output subfolders

If your application is configured to call context-sensitive topics from subfolders within the main documentation directory, you may want to create ePublisher output which is compatible with this pre-existing convention.

To specify subfolders for generating ePublisher output, you should use multiple groups. Choose Project > New Group to add additional groups to your ePublisher project. Then, click to rename them, or drag them to reorder them as desired. Drag your documents into the appropriate groups so that the corresponding output will be generated as desired.

Once you your groups are organized in the Document Manager, choose Format > Merge Settings to specify additional details. For example; you can modify the group context name for each specified group (useful for WebWorks Help 5.0 context-sensitive implementations). You can also change the title that will appear in the TOC for each group if you are creating a merged help volume.

Finally, regenerate output. The topic files for each document should be created and deployed into separate groups, with a top-level merged entry-point.

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